Retaining Walls in NC are almost a necessity for anyone who wants an aesthetically-pleasing landscape. With mountains to the west and ocean to the east, there are plenty of reasons you should consider retaining walls for your yard!
Are All Retaining Walls Equal?  NO!
DIY Retaining Walls are a much better choice for Cost, Time, Structural, and Durability considerations.
The Who's-Your-Daddy of Retaining Walls?  YES! 
4" Thick Rebar-Reinforced Concrete with a built-in Footer (3' 3" long; we are talking 7-8" thick concrete where the wall meets footer BUT it's a one piece panel; 
yes you read correctly that it's a one piece panel of wall and footer); 
each panel is 5' wide by 4' 6" in height by 4 inches thick and weigh about 2,400 LBS.
Cost Savings: YES!
At $350 per panel that comes out to just over $15 per square foot. That means YOU are looking at around $20 per square foot INSTALLED!  WOW! Compare that to an industry average of at least $45 - $60 per square foot.
Time Savings?  YES! 
DIY-ers can use the right piece of equipment (easy to rent it at your local Equipment Rental place of business) and INSTALL 100 feet of Retaining Wall (that's 20 panels) in 1 to 2 days. It's easy peasy.  So do NOT HOLD UP your Swimming Pool project OR new home construction effort having to wait weeks for a Retaining Wall to be completed when it can be done in LESS THAN TWO DAYS on average.
Structurally Superior to Other Retaining Wall Materials Out There?  YES!
Our Retaining Wall panels meet Structural Engineering Standards to Code to the point where a Licensed Professional Engineer provides us a Stamped Drawing if and when needed for any type of Permit. 
Overall Look Better?  YES!
The stacked rock look of the exterior wall is amazing and comes in two color choices: Gray or Brown.   Plus with any color exterior paint you can further customize the look.  And for a minor cost upgrade we will SOON have Capstone available to majestically adorn the top of the retaining wall panels.
Retaining Walls that last and remain in excellent condition basically forever?  YES!
Block walls and other materials break up and apart over time and over the years because of structural limitations of the materials used (ie cinder block and mortar).  Our panels do NOT have that problem due to the quality of the 4 inch thick concrete and the quality of the iron bars (rebar) that provide a very satisfying measure of "overkill" for the structural soundness of our materials.
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